Monday, January 18, 2010

Tooth Whitening Tip

Sometimes I feel bad because I cannot always be bothered to do my tooth whitening as I should. So, this is my handy tip - If you are trying to lighten the colour of your teeth and you don't want to fall behind in the procedure mix your Dr Georges tooth whitening compound with your toothpaste each day. Simple! it maintains the progress you have made and encourages you to do a full 2 minutes with the electric tooth brush - plus your teeth will feel really clean.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Step Counters

I have recently been diagnosed as having high cholesterol - it runs in my family, my brothers both have it and now my lifetime of eating crisps has finally caught up with me. Apart from trying to cut out some of the foods that contribute to high cholesterol I am trying to exercise more - I like walking but I talk myself out of it quite often.

I've partially got round this by buying a step counter - they used to be called pedometers but I think step counter sounds better. Mine is the Omron X and it actually identifies whether I am ambling or walking at a pace worthy of being considered exercise! It also monitors the amount of exercise I do per week against a recommended figure and counts down so I can see my progress over a four week period.

If you need to exercise more due to blood pressure or cholesterol, you are dieting, or any other reason, and find it difficult to motivate yourself a step counter can be a big help.

I do get a sense of satisfaction in knowing the distance I have walked and see it add up during the week.